Little bit of old news

I am in a show in Denmark through September. 

I had a little recognition from my alma matter.

Two alumnae part of ‘BodyTalk’ in Denmark museum show

Two members of the AU Class of 2013, Elizabeth Cote and Heather Joy Puskarich, are represented in a multi-artist museum show, “BodyTalk – 52 Views On Body, Sex And Gender” at the Glasmuseet Ebeltoft (museum) in Ebeltoft, Denmark. The exhibit runs through Sept. 28, 2014.

Elizabeth is a studio technician at Urban Glass, Brooklyn, and Heather will be a visiting-artist-in-residence at AU during the 2014-15 academic year.

More about Elizabeth and her work can be found on her website at:

A look at Heather’s work and background information may be found at:

The museum provides the following as description for “Body Talk”:

“Throughout history, concepts of body and sex have had a significant impact. From ancient idealization of the harmonious, athletic body to the 1960s ‘liberated’ body and gender perceptions to the more recent depreciation of the ‘natural’ body in favour of the ‘modified’ eternally young body. In the wake of the development of the concept of the body, and that many have come to realize that society not only shapes personality and behaviour, it also shapes the way in which the body appears, there have also been changes to the perception of gender. Today, traditional gender perceptions and stereotypes, including the concept of ‘the ideal family unit’ are in transition and there is a lively debate about equal rights, women in top positions and men in more domestic roles.

“But what happens to our perception of body, sex and gender when the concepts are illustrated and reinterpreted by a group of international artists? Through an Open Call, 52 artists have been selected to show their views on the subject. Although the exhibition is a group show bound together by a common theme, there is a diversity of works and 52 very independent and strong statements.”