Trial in Effigy of Zeus, 2017

Wax, found furniture, found silver, found tablecloths

A footnote in Greek Mythology, the story of Leda and the Swan has been sculpted and painted through the ages. My first experience with this myth was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Breasts exposed with a warm expression and soft posture, Leda does not seem to have any reservations or ill feelings towards the god in guise of a swan who is about to rape her. Her monument a means to show a woman as sexual object. Porn in disguise.

This classic story makes almost no appearance in the well known compilations of Greek Mythology other than referring to Leda as the mother of Helen of Troy, and Helen as a product of one of Zeus’s many non-consensual liaisons. Both are but a prize for powerful men and are used at their whim.

More and more we are demanding accountability for the mistreatment of women, I call a trial in effigy of Zeus. While neither he nor Leda can be present to call him to task for his treatment of women, I do so now. Providing Leda with her feast of just desserts, head of the table, with Zeus in the outfit which he wore while he commited his crime, now prone and at her whim.